Get Started with Google’s Image Extensions

Google Ads’ new image extensions aid in communicating your brand’s essence, driving ad clicks, and boosting conversions!

Image of Google’s Image Scan
Gathers Compelling Ad Photos

Google’s new image extension scans and gathers relevant photos from your website and social media profiles to use in ad campaigns.

Formats and Resizes Ad Images

Easily resize ad images for Googles’ 1:1 and 1.91:1 spec requirements to build new and refresh existing campaigns.

Image of Google’s Resize Feature
Photo of Google’s Image Performance
Identifies High-Performing Images

Track clicks and customer conversions per image to identify engaging, high-performing ad photos.

Speeds Up the Ad-Curation Process

Activate Dynamic Image Extensions, and Google will pull relevant photos from your ad’s landing page to complement and boost ad performance.

Photo of Google’s Dynamic Image Extensions


Upload up to 20 diverse, high-quality images relevant to your campaign keywords to make your ads compellingly picture-perfect.

To get your ads to be approved, you’ll need to:
  • Have an open Google Ads account for at least 90 days
  • Have active campaigns with active text ads
  • Have high-quality images that are relevant to your campaigns keywords


Additionally, Images Must:
  • Be uploaded as PNG, JPG, or static GIF file formats.
  • Have a maximum file size of 5120 KB or smaller.
  • Have important text centered in 80% of the image.
  • Use a mix of square images at least 300×300 pixels and landscape images at least 600×314 pixels.


Images Cannot:
  • Be blurry, unclear, unrecognizable, visually skewed, nor warped
  • Be cropped in a way that makes the subject of the asset difficult to distinguish
  • Contain text or graphic overlays, nor can brand logos being used as the image asset
  • Have excessive whitespace and image must be clear and recognizable 
  • Feature image collages or images combined in post-production
  • Contain nudity (including nudity used for artistic purposes) nor sexually suggestive images


Google offers two options for opting into Dynamic Image Extensions:

Option 1
  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Ads & extensions.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Under the “Dynamic Image” section, click Opt In.
  5. Click the checkbox to confirm you own all legal rights to the image and have permission to share the image with Google to use on your behalf for advertising or other commercial purposes.
  6. Click Save.
Option 2
  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Ads & extensions.
  3. Click Automated extensions, then click the 3-dot icon in the right corner, and select Advanced settings.
  4. Under the “Dynamic image extensions” section, select the “On” button.
  5. Confirm you own all legal rights to the image on your site and have permission to share them with Google by clicking the checkbox.
  6. Click Save.


The ad review process begins automatically after creating or editing an ad extension. Once your ad is approved, its status will change from ‘Under Review’ to ‘Eligible. Most ads are approved within one business day; however, if your ads are under review for more than two full business days, you should contact Google for assistance.

If your ads are ‘Disapproved,’ you’ll be notified with an explanation and next steps.

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