What are Google Justifications?

Ever searched the web for a specific product or service and found yourself overwhelmed by a multitude of options? After spending a significant amount of time clicking various links, you remain unsure which business is most suitable for what you need. Google is aware of this common frustration and has implemented a solution for obtaining information from the web more efficiently.



Google justification is a new feature introduced this summer to efficiently connect customers with local businesses that sell products and services they’re looking to purchase. This feature is one of multiple recent releases — including the release of Google’s Core Web Vitals this past May — aimed to improve the user experience by minimizing the effort needed to obtain desired information.

Justifications are visual indicators that justify why businesses appear for specific keywords and search terms. You’ll see them appear in Google Map Pack Results and on Google Maps; they’re easy to spot because they’ll appear to the right of a relevant icon and next to a bolded keyword, product, or service. Businesses that optimize their Google My Business (GMB) local listing and website content will likely receive more traffic and rank competitively above businesses that don’t.



Looking to drive more customers to your business? Optimize for the following Google justifications:


Menu Justification Icon Menu Justifications

Image of menu justification example

Menu justifications highlight items indexed on your GMB menu and identified by the fork and knife icon. Google pulls menu items from both your GMB menu and customer photos. When optimizing for this justification, ensure that your GMB menu is descriptive and encourage more customers to post pictures of your food and beverages.



 Provides & In Stock Justifications

Image of sample Provides Justification

Provides or service justifications are identified by the checkmark icon and explicitly list the related service in bold. Google highlights service offerings listed in the ‘services’ section of your GMB dashboard that meet customer search criteria. Optimizing for Provides justifications is straightforward; ensure you’ve included a complete list of your services with descriptive, keyword-rich titles on your GMB listing.

Similar to Provides justifications, In Stock justifications alert customers that you not only sell the specific product they’re looking for but that it’s in stock. The product name will appear in bold next to the checkmark icon in local pack search results. For this justification to appear, you’ll have to set up Google’s See What’s In Store (SWIS) feature powered by Pointy.




 Review Justifications

Image of sample Review Justification

Review justifications are drawn from your business’s GMB reviews and identified by a circular blue icon. They’re displayed under your business on Google Map results when keywords from a customer’s search criteria are present in your GMB reviews. Only reviews less than sixty days old are displayed as justifications.

To have review justifications appear for your business, encourage customers to leave keyword-rich reviews that mention your products and services by name. Consider using this email template when asking customers to post reviews.



 Post Justifications

Image of sample Post Justification

Post justifications are also sourced from your GMB listing and identified by the exclamation icon. Google pulls snippets of text containing customer search terms from content published on your local listing and highlights them in search results.

To boost Post justifications, you should frequently publish content to your GMB listing and include targeted keywords in your post copy. A good rule of thumb is to publish posts at least once a week, as doing so builds customer engagement, which strengthens your SEO ranking and Google justifications.





 Website Justifications

Image of sample Website Justification

Website justifications pull keywords from your website that matches customer search terms and displays them in bold next to the earth icon. To improve your search ranking using website justifications, consider optimizing web-page content using targeted keywords and including separate, descriptive pages about each of your products or services.



Sold Here Justifications

Image of sample Sold Here Justification

Sold Here justifications inform customers that your business sells the products they’re looking for and will display the product name in bold next to the string ‘Sold here:’ on your local listing. It’s challenging to optimize for this feature as Google uses customer responses from the “Know this place?’ fact-checking pop-up, displayed on Google Maps, to confirm information about your business.


If you’d like assistance with optimizing your GMB listing or tips about optimizing website content for Google justifications, reach out to the Findable support team via chat or email. We’re happy to help!

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